2017–2018 Season

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Samson & Dalila

Is there anything that can bring a hero to his knees? Only the passion of the most beautiful woman in the world. Based on the infamous Bible tale, Samson is the only hope of the oppressed Hebrews and none of the machinations of the Philistines can stop him. Enter Dalila, the calculating seductress who can capture a man’s heart with ease. Dalila’s temptation of Samson will continue until she has what she wants: the secret of his strength. Her underestimation of Samson’s faith leads to the fatal climax of their story. Camille Saint-Saëns’ gripping retelling of this fable is a passionate account of what happens when two forces of nature meet and the consequences of such battles.

Starring Clifton ForbisOlga Borodina* • Richard Paul Fink • Michael Chioldi* • Ryan Kuster 

Conductor Emmanuel Villaume • Director Bruno Berger-Gorski* • Costume Designer Carrie Robbins* • Set Designer Peter Dean Beck* • Lighting Designer Alan Burrett

The performance on Wednesday, October 25 will be conducted by Pierre Vallet.

Rated PG-13
Sung in French with English supertitles

La traviata

The toast of the opera repertoire, La Traviata sees the famed courtesan Violetta Valery navigate the twists and turns of the one thing she hoped never to come up against: love. The attentions of the love-struck Alfredo turns Violetta’s safe world upside down, making her question whether this young man is worth giving up her independence. On the request of Alfredo’s father, Violetta shows herself to be much more than any man has ever given her credit for, leading to a seeming betrayal which spirals both her and Alfredo to their tragic conclusions. La Traviata features one of Verdi’s most beautiful scores, from the rousing brindisi to some of the most romantic moments in all opera. A timeless romantic classic that has no chance at a happy ending, La Traviata is a must-see.

Starring Georgia JarmanZach Borichevsky*Vladislav Sulimsky • Abigail Levis* • Brenton Ryan* • Ryan Kuster  • Daniel Armstrong* • Rachel Sterrenberg*

Conductor Carlo Montanaro• Director Stephania Panighini* • Set and Costume Designer Desmond Heely • Light Design Alan Burrett

Rated PG-13
Sung in Italian with English supertitles

The Ring of Polykrates

A loving wife. A job promotion. An inheritance. With such a perfect life, how can things possibly go wrong? In The Ring of Polykrates, William Arndt is about to discover just how quickly the tables can turn. The return of his best friend, Peter, should be the icing on the cake for William’s life, but Peter clearly has other plans in mind.  Peter’s jealousy is a worthy adversary to William’s marriage, but only one can win. In this rarely performed domestic comedy by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, the stakes are high and sacrifices must be made. Paired with a performance of Korngold’s magnificent Violin Concerto in D major, featuring acclaimed violinist Augustin Dumay, the evening will be a celebration of a genius who is not performed nearly enough.

Starring Augustin Dumay*Paul GrovesLaura Wilde*Brenton RyanSusannah Biller*Craig Colclough*

Conductor Emmanuel Villaume • Director Peter Kazaras • Costume Designer Tommy Bourgeois • Set Designer Donald Eastman • Lighting Designer Krista Billings

Rated PG-13
Sung in German with English supertitles

Sunken Garden

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it must have been real? Who can say it isn’t? The line of reality finds itself endlessly blurred in Sunken Garden, the fourth work of acclaimed Dutch composer Michel van der Aa. A film maker’s obsession with the disappearance of a young girl leads to the discovery of a walled garden, which is the barrier between life and death. But does this place actually exist or is it all simply a stunning piece of imagination? Sunken Garden integrates video and 3D technology, immersing the audience into an inescapable world of crime and mystery. This marks the American premiere of Sunken Garden and will be a true, one-of-a-kind production like you’ve never experienced before.

Starring Roderick Williams*Katherine Manley*Miah Persson*

Conductor Nicole Paiement • Director Michel Van Der Aa* • Set Designer and Lighting Designer Theun Mosk** • Costume Designer Astrid Schulz**

Rated PG
Sung in English with English supertitles

Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni, the ultimate womanizer, has been thrilling opera audiences for years! Sex and danger run rampant in Mozart’s enduring masterpiece, showcasing the skills of Don Giovanni, who can talk his way into any bed and out of any hot water he may get into. After the murder of the father of one of his many lovers, Giovanni’s arrogance is at an all-time high – as is the number of his enemies. After many narrow escapes, Giovanni is finally confronted with an enemy he cannot outrun. Even backed into a corner, Giovanni never apologizes for his wrongs, leading to a particularly fiery end. With one of Mozart’s most popular scores, and the dashing Mariusz Kwiecien as the title character, this will be a production that can’t be missed.

Starring Mariusz KwiecienKyle Ketelsen*Laura Claycomb  • Ellie Dehn* • David Portillo • Virginie Verrez • Craig Verm  • Morris Robinson

Conductor Emmanuel Villaume • Director Robert Falls* • Set Designer Walt Spangler* • Costume Designer Ana Kuzmanic • Lighting Designer Chris MaravichOriginal Lighting Design Duane Schuler

Rated R
Sung in Italian with English supertitles