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by tdoadmin

OPERA WHEN IT SIZZLES By Suzanne Calvin During these so-called “Dog Days of Summer,” when the temperature soars to triple digit heights of discomfort, it’s a good time to remember that American Opera had its origins in tropical places like Havana and New Orleans, as well as in the cooler climate of the Northeast and […]


by Suzanne Calvin

In this star-spangled month of July, the question that comes to mind is “What are the defining characteristics of an American Opera?”  Should it be opera on identifiable American themes?  Operas merely set in one of the fifty states?  Or exhibiting a particularly American musical idiom?  Operas composed by men and women who claimed the […]


by tdoadmin

The Dallas Opera Guild’s 24th Annual Vocal Competition for young opera singers ended on a high-note (somehow, it always does) on Saturday, March 10th in the Winspear Opera House, when ten outstanding finalists with Texas connections were awarded a total of $20,000 in prize monies, following a nearly unprecedented “battle of the sopranos.” 29-year-old soprano […]

The Country Versus the Cough

by tdoadmin

Early this morning, four decades after it smashed box office records across the U.S., I finally got around to seeing “Love Story” when it snuck-up on my television screen.  Aside from a head-snapping appearance by a youthful Tommy Lee Jones, the movie was everything I expected and less: sappy, over-the-top music score; “hoot-worthy” dialogue, and […]

Putting the Flavor in Family Programming

by tdoadmin

Putting the Flavor in Family Programming By Suzanne Calvin There’s something slightly sticky-sweet about the term “family programming” that tends to remind me of applesauce: pleasant, easily digestible and just as easily forgotten when you’re done.  Well, that is not what our “family programming” is about at the Dallas Opera. Beginning with this month’s sprightly […]