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On a Quest for Super Heroes

by Suzanne Calvin

The Dallas Opera’s shout-out to gentlemen of a generally physically fit nature, aged 18 to 50, to work as paid non-singing extras (or “supernumeraries”) in our upcoming production of “AIDA” is piquing the interest of our local media. I must admit, it isn’t the usual press release that catches the eye of “My Sweet Charity”‘s Jeanne Prejean like […]

Life-Altering: The Dallas Opera

by Suzanne Calvin

However, we don’t take the credit for Stephanie Rucker’s life-altering experience as a super for the Dallas Opera.  As detailed in this touching NBC 5 report from Kristi Nelson, all the credit belongs to a young woman who took a chance and made a genuine commitment to this art form.  And aren’t we all lucky to be working with people […]