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Desperately Seeking Supers

by Suzanne Calvin

  Well, okay, “desperately” may be too strong a word but we’re still signing folks up for the shirtless non-singing roles in AIDA, opening on Friday, October 26th. More details from Carl Hoover at the “Waco Tribune”. Those with perky pecs and awesome abs can apply for a modestly paid role in AIDA right here.  Please note […]

Walk Like an Egyptian

by Suzanne Calvin

Don’t let the photo distract you. If you are a physically fit gentleman between the ages of 18 and 50 and have no qualms about being seen in public sans shirt then, “Come to Mama.” No, sorry, I meant “sign up now” to become a non-singing extra or supernumerary for the Dallas Opera’s upcoming production […]

Many Are Called and Many Will Be Chosen

by Suzanne Calvin

Is your body temperature between 97 and 100 degrees Farenheit? Do you have a detectable pulse? Do you own a watch and have a penchant for showing up on time? Do you enjoy playing “dress-up”? Can you fake emotions for anyone other than your in-laws at Christmastime? If you answered “yes” to all of these compelling questions, […]