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Keeping “Dallas” in Dallas

by Suzanne Calvin

  Although it doesn’t make sense for the new TNT “Dallas” to shoot anywhere but, we live in a strange age in which such decisions are based not on logic, but on the highest bidder. And, evidently, there are other cities just itching to stand in for Big D. For this reason, and more, on […]

Robert Wilonsky is the Man

by Suzanne Calvin

…With a Man Crush, evidently.  Actually, Mr. Wilonsky of The Observer often leaves me laughing out loud with his quirky yet pertinent perspectives.  Here, he’s posted our sit-down with George Steel at WRR (with a little side commentary)—Yes, that’s me throwing out questions—during the General Director’s baptism-by-fire-first-day-with-the-Dallas-media. To quote from Casablanca: “Louis, I think this […]