Are you the sort of person who loves lively, often fast-paced interactions with people from around town and all around the world? Does great music and drama hold a special place in your heart? Are you thrilled to find yourself in a busy, intelligently run office of committed professionals or in the thick of the exciting lobby action on Opening Night? You sound like you’d make a great volunteer for the Dallas Opera!

This is your chance to meet lots of folks who share your interest in the arts, while giving a little something back to the community. Do it for us. Do it for them. Above all, do it for yourself! Read on to find out more on how to get involved.


The Dallas Opera has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for you to choose from, including:

  • Education

    Numerous studies indicate that exposing young people to the arts helps to increase their social and intellectual skills; but we take opera into the schools and community centers and provide mainstage productions here at the Winspear because, frankly, it’s so much fun! The sense of anticipation and excitement among our young audiences and their eagerness to understand the art form create a unique opera experience you will never forget! Help us enable students from across North Texas to get the most out of their special “Day at the Opera.”

    Education volunteers are required to attend orientation and training.

  • Special Events

    Special Events cover a wide range of social, networking, and adult education activities from elegant formal dinners to decidedly casual affairs—such as last year’s live simulcast of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Volunteers are needed for check-in, crowd management, and to act as all-purpose concierges throughout these events. If you enjoy chatting with people, answering questions, and being of service to the arts, special events may be your preferred area of volunteering.

  • Organizations / Fundraising

    There are many roles that need to be filled in order to create great opera. Fundraising is one of the most vital. At the Dallas Opera, there is a rich variety of in-house organizations and affiliates to choose from, designed to address the needs of our company, our artists and our patrons, or to serve as goodwill ambassadors to the community at large. Each offers its own benefits. These range from an opportunity to house a visiting singer to a chance to mix and mingle with arts-savvy young professionals. Either way, membership has its privileges.

  • Administrative / Box Office

    Live opera. It’s singing, it’s live music, it’s thrilling, but it’s also keeping track of paper clips and tickets. Volunteers for Administrative/Box Office will have the opportunity to work in the business office during normal business hours, as well as on performance nights and weekends.

How to apply

Please email us at amici@dallasopera.org with the following:

  • Which of the above activities interest you (education, special events, fundraising, administrative)?
  • Have you volunteered with us before?
  • Have you purchased tickets/subscriptions or attended events with us before?
  • Your name and a way to contact you

We will be in touch with you as opportunities arise, or (for Education volunteers) to let you know about plans for the next scheduled orientation. Thank you!

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