The Ring of Polykrates

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A loving wife. A job promotion. An inheritance. With such a perfect life, how can things possibly go wrong? In The Ring of Polykrates, William Arndt is about to discover just how quickly the tables can turn. The return of his best friend, Peter, should be the icing on the cake for William’s life, but Peter clearly has other plans in mind.  Peter’s jealousy is a worthy adversary to William’s marriage, but only one can win. In this rarely performed domestic comedy by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, the stakes are high and sacrifices must be made. Paired with a performance of Korngold’s magnificent Violin Concerto in D major, featuring acclaimed violinist Augustin Dumay, the evening will be a celebration of a genius who is not performed nearly enough.

Starring Augustin Dumay*Paul Groves*Laura Wilde*Brenton RyanSusannah Biller*Craig Colclough*

Conductor Emmanuel Villaume • Director Peter Kazaras • Costume Designer Tommy Bourgeois • Set Designer TBD • Lighting Designer Krista Billings

*Dallas Opera debut

Rated PG-13

Opera in Brief

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Court Music Director William Arndt is a lucky man. He has just been promoted at work, the recent death of his aunt has left him with a large inheritance, and he has a wonderful wife, Laura. All he is missing is the company of his old friend, Peter Vogel, who suddenly shows up out of the blue.

Jealous of the life William has built, and infatuated by Laura, Peter tries to split them up. Based on Schiller’s ballad "The Ring of Polykrates," Peter convinces William that he must sacrifice something so that fate is not tempted by all his good fortune. In an effort to sacrifice his relationship with his wife, William tries to start a fight with Laura about her questionable past. However, Laura’s love for her husband will not be shaken. William realizes that the true sacrifice must be his friendship with Peter, who is sent on his way.