Don Giovanni

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Don Giovanni, the ultimate womanizer, has been thrilling opera audiences for years! Sex and danger run rampant in Mozart’s enduring masterpiece, showcasing the skills of Don Giovanni, who can talk his way into any bed and out of any hot water he may get into. After the murder of the father of one of his many lovers, Giovanni’s arrogance is at an all-time high – as is the number of his enemies. After many narrow escapes, Giovanni is finally confronted with an enemy he cannot outrun. Even backed into a corner, Giovanni never apologizes for his wrongs, leading to a particularly fiery end. With one of Mozart’s most popular scores, and the dashing Mariusz Kwiecien as the title character, this will be a production that can’t be missed.

Starring Mariusz KwiecienKyle Ketelsen*Laura Claycomb  • Ellie Dehn* • David Portillo • Virginie Verrez • Craig Verm  • Morris Robinson

Conductor Emmanuel Villaume • Director Robert Falls* • Set Designer Walt Spangler* • Costume Designer Ana Kuzmanic • Lighting Designer Duane SchulerOriginal Lighting Design Chris Maravich

*Dallas Opera debut

Rated R

Opera in Brief

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Scene I

Leporello stands guard for his master’s latest amatory escapade while Don Giovanni is in Donna Anna’s room. Suddenly Giovanni rushes out pursued by Anna, who calls for help to arrest her masked seducer. Her father, the Commendatore, challenges Giovanni and is murdered by him. Giovanni and Leporello leave. Anna returns with her fiancé, Don Ottavio, and sinks beside her father’s body. She vows to have vengeance and compels Ottavio to share her vow

Scene II

An unhappy lady appears, observed by Giovanni and Leporello It is Donna Elvira, whom Giovanni had previously abandoned. He flees after referring her to Leporello, who recites the catalogue of Giovanni’s conquests. Masetto and Zerlina, who are shortly to be married, celebrate with their friends. After joining the happy couple, Giovanni orders Leporello to escort Masetto and the peasants to his villa for a party so that he can be alone with Zerlina. Masetto reluctantly accedes to Giovanni’s wishes. Once Masetto is out of the way, Giovanni woos Zerlina. They are discovered by Elvira, who warns the girl to avoid Giovanni. Anna and Ottavio appear, requesting Giovanni’s help in punishing the Commendatore’s unknown assassin. Elvira returns with renewed reproaches for Giovanni, which he dismisses as the ravings of a madwoman. She leaves, followed by Giovanni. Anna suddenly realizes that he is, in fact, her father’s murderer. She renews her demand for revenge before rushing away, leaving Ottavio to reflect on his love for her. Leporello relates his adventures with Elvira to Giovanni, who orders him to prepare a feast that very night, so that by morning he will have at least ten new names to add to the catalogue.

Scene III

Zerlina persuades Masetto to forgive her. At the sound of Giovanni’s voice, Masetto steps aside. Giovanni appears, sees Zerlina, and resumes his seduction. Upon discovering Masetto, he persuades the young man to join him as well, and the three enter the villa. Anna, Elvira, and Ottavio arrive, each wearing a mask and intent on vengeance. Catching sight of them, Leporello invites them – on Giovanni’s behalf – to attend the party. The three pause to ask for heaven’s assistance.

Scene IV

Giovanni welcomes the trio of masquers. He tells Leporello to distract Masetto, then dances with Zerlina and leads her to another room. Suddenly her screams are heard, alarming the party guests. Giovanni re-enters and blames Leporello for attacking Zerlina. Anna, Elvira, and Ottavio unmask and denounce Giovanni as the murderer of Anna’s father.



Scene I

Leporello wishes to leave Giovanni’s service, but the offer of money induces him to stay. Giovanni exchanges clothes with Leporello in order to woo Elvira’s maid in disguise. Elvira appears at a window of her hotel room, lamenting Giovanni’s cruelty. Giovanni asks her to come to him, but it is with Leporello – also in disguise – that Elvira leaves. Alone in front of the hotel, Giovanni serenades Elvira’s maid. Masetto, armed, arrives with a group of armed villagers. Giovanni sends the men off but detains Masetto, whom he beats soundly. Masetto’s cries of pain bring Zerlina, who is able to comfort him.

Scene II

Still disguised as Giovanni, Leporello eludes Elvira but falls into the hands of Anna, Ottavio, Masetto, and Zerlina. Leporello reveals his true identity, begs for mercy and escapes. Ottavio asks his companions to comfort Anna until he can return as the messenger of her vengeance. Left alone, Elvira admits that although Giovanni has betrayed her, she still pities him.


Scene III

Giovanni reaches the cemetery where the Commendatore has been buried. Leporello joins him and hears of his latest adventures. Much to their amazement, the two hear the voice of the Commendatore emanating from a statue. Giovanni orders Leporello to invite the statue to dinner.

Scene IV

Anna begs Ottavio to wait to marry her until her grief for her father has subsided. When he berates her for treating him cruelly, she assures him of her love and hopes that one day heaven will pity her suffering.

Scene V

A table is set for dinner. Giovanni gobbles his food and gulps his wine, while Leporello looks on hungrily and steals some pheasant. Elvira bursts in, imploring Giovanni to repent. When he refuses, she rushes away in misery. The statue of the Commendatore enters and invites Giovanni to dine with him. The invitation is accepted, but when the statue orders him to repent, Giovanni refuses and is dragged to hell. Anna, Ottavio, Elvira, Zerlina, and Masetto arrive, ready to confront Giovanni. Leporello informs them of what happened, and all proclaim the end of an evildoer.