Doctor Miracle

by Georges Bizet | Sung in English
Presented in Partnership with Dallas Children’s Theater

A hilarious, fully-staged one-act opera about a young man’s quest to marry his true love, the mayor’s daughter. He must disguise himself as a servant who makes a “poison” omelet, and as a doctor who saves the family — all for the sake of true love. Will the happy couple get married? Join TDO and find out. Read synopsis below.

This production is in partnership with the SMU Vocal Department and UNT Opera Program. Performances in the Winspear Opera House will feature the TDO Orchestra. Performances during summer will be with piano accompaniment.

The 2011–2012 Doctor Miracle UNT cast members. From left: Avis Stroud, Christian Bester, Jonathan Yarrington, Jennifer Youngs.


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Summer performances take place at the Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT), located at 5938 Skillman, Dallas, TX 75231. Winter and spring performances take place at the Winspear Opera House, located at 2403 Flora St., Dallas, TX 75201.

Synopsis: The Story of the Opera

Doctor Miracle is a one-act comic opera. The story is set in the town of Padua, Italy, in the 19th century. The action takes place in the home of the town’s mayor.

The opera opens with the Mayor, his second wife Veronica, and his daughter, Laurette, sitting on their terrace. They hear a loud noise and see a door-to-door salesman, Doctor Miracle, selling his cure-all remedy. Unknown to the family, Doctor Miracle is really Silvio, a man in love with Laurette. He is wearing a disguise to get close to Laurette.

After a time, the three turn their attention away from Doctor Miracle. The Mayor informs his daughter that he has hired a new servant, Pasquin, to replace his old servant that he had fired for passing love notes between Silvio and Laurette. He leaves to retrieve Pasquin.

Laurette is soon lost in her own thoughts. She sings of her love for Silvio, a captain in the army. Her father already has plans for her to marry the local chemist. He does not like Silvio, and has told Laurette she is not allowed even to speak to him.

The Mayor returns with Pasquin and introduces him to Laurette and Veronica. The family does not realize that Pasquin is really Silvio, once again in disguise. The Mayor asks the ladies to leave so that he can speak to Pasquin alone. After a few minutes of conversation, the Mayor realizes that he and Pasquin will get along famously as they both share a deep dislike for soldiers. He is further impressed when Pasquin informs him that he is an excellent chef and asks him to put his culinary skills to use by making lunch for the family.

Pasquin makes an omelet for the family’s lunch. The awful smell and taste of the omelet send the Mayor and his wife running from the house. This gives Silvio the chance to remove his disguise and indulge in a love duet with Laurette. When the Mayor returns, he finds the pair and orders Silvio out of the house.

Soon a letter arrives with a message for the Mayor that the omelet he tasted was poisoned and that there is no antidote. The family panics and when they realize that the village doctor is out of town, the Mayor sends for Doctor Miracle. Doctor Miracle arrives and agrees to save the day, but only if he is granted Laurette’s hand in marriage. The Mayor agrees consents to the marriage. The Doctor reveals his true identity. When the Mayor sees that the “Doctor” is really Silvio, he is very angry. After some thought, the Mayor gives in to the merry mood and joins in celebrating Laurette’s happiness. All is well, and everyone is happy.

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Doctor Miracle

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