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Facebook Contest Review Writer Winner Eliot C. Hall’s review of Rigoletto Opening Night

by tdoadmin

Recently the Coen brothers created a film called A Serious Man about a family burdened by an ancient curse. The modern film making duo would be right at home with the story of Rigoletto, a prideful invalid, who recognizes the portent of a father’s curse, the moment it reaches his ear. A Clown who tries […]

Laura, At Last!

by tdoadmin

Laura, At Last!An interview by Suzanne Calvin Soprano Laura Claycomb’s official biography tells us that “Her delicacy, refinement and theatricality in high-flying repertoire make her one of the foremost lyric coloraturas of her generation.” All of which is perfectly true — but that just barely scratches the surface. In addition to Miss Claycomb’s phenomenal natural […]