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From the Desk of Artistic Director Jonathan Pell, California Part II

by tdoadmin

Yesterday afternoon I heard all the singers in the Los Angeles Opera’s young artist program.  Unlike many of the other similar programs around the country, the Los Angles program really draws on singers from around the world rather focusing just on Americans, and this group had representatives from Russia, Korea and Mexico, as well as […]

Delivered Just in Time for the Holiday Weekend

by Suzanne Calvin

Via your Public Television station, KERA. On “Great Performances” this coming Friday evening (Nov. 25th), it’s “Il Postino from LA Opera,” a presentation of the world premiere performance of acclaimed Mexican composer Daniel Catan’s fourth and final opera. The new work starred Placido Domingo as Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and tenor Charles Castronovo (remember our romantic […]

More Opera Alfresco

by Suzanne Calvin

The well-received world premiere of “Il Postino” has prompted LA Opera to bring the postman, if not to your door, close enough. The company has announced plans to present two pre-taped outdoor screenings of the new work to audiences in Downtown L.A. and Costa Mesa. There are only about 300 seats left for the remaining […]

Pecking Order

by Suzanne Calvin

Part of a long-term project to revive works touched by Nazi tyranny…Is LA Opera’s latest for the birds? Photo courtesy of Robert Millard/Los Angeles Opera. This 1920’s take on a delightful comedy from classical antiquity (thank you, Aristophanes) was a big hit for composer Walter Braunfels but is little known and even less likely to […]