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2011: The Year That Was

by christian.anderson

The Dallas Opera is ending this year on a high note, three ‘high Cs” in fact: collaboration, as well as a commitment to excellence and community engagement explained by TDO’s Jennifer Schuder in this personal year-end essay for “Theater Jones.” Read. Remember. And above all – enjoy! (Photo of one of the Doctor Miracle casts in rehearsal […]

Doctor Miracle Tickles Various Fancies at DCT

by Suzanne Calvin

If you’ve been wondering whether the Dallas Opera’s new children’s production of Georges Bizet’s charming “Doctor Miracle” might prove a great introduction to the art form for all the little ones in your family, check out Sandie Newton’s report for CBS-11.  The next performance is this Friday night at Dallas Children’s Theater.  Tickets are $12 and available […]