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Meryl Streep: the Diva Who Might Have Been

by Suzanne Calvin

Oh, what might have been! Can you imagine that if Meryl Streep had had the vocal chops and desire to forge a serious opera career–with her phenomenal acting abilities and beauty–what sort of megastar she might have become? Read more on the L.A. Times “Culture Monster” about Streep’s early opera training and its impact on her […]

Where One Ends and the Other Begins; That is the Question

by Suzanne Calvin

(Image courtesy of ofletters.com) Mark Swed posted an interesting essay on the LA Times’ Culture Monster blog about the hand-wringing among some local bureaucrats over the mounting of a new Ring Cycle and an accompanying Wagner Festival scheduled to take center stage next spring in the City of Angels. Evidently, fearing that Angelenos might spontaneously shape-shift under Richard Wagner’s pernicious influence […]