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Surpassing Expectations? Always!

by Suzanne Calvin

Getting some enthusiastic response to the introduction of FIRST SIGHT, a fashion-centric prelude (if you will) to our traditional FIRST NIGHT celebrations. Here’s the take on things from Culture Map Dallas and Rachael Abrams. Suzanne Calvin, Director Media & PR

“Reddy” on the Red Carpet

by Suzanne Calvin

Distinctive fashions, intriguing designs, and every one of them gorgeous. That was the story of FIRST NIGHT 2012 honoring Women’s Basketball great Nancy Lieberman and presenting “Arts and Sports Together,” starting with a blazing red gown depicting the Dallas Opera’s “Pursuits of Passion” Season. Here’s a take on the entire¬†affair from “Culture Map Dallas” and […]

Repeating with Emphasis!

by Suzanne Calvin

It’s a good week to stop, check your calendars again, and make sure you’re not missing out on any of the terrific opera-tunities available to you in the weeks and months ahead. Here’s a rundown from “Culture Map Dallas” and Elaine Liner. (Photo of Latonia Moore as Aida and Nadia Krasteva as Amneris by Karen […]