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Mark Twain’s Wagnerian Adventures

by Suzanne Calvin

What did American literary icon Mark Twain and German music titan Richard Wagner have in common? If you said “Wavy hair,” you are correct! If you said anything else, you’re probably mistaken. Desite the lack of common ground, Twain’s deeply personal impressions of the Bayreuth experience form the basis for this month’s “Off the Cuff” […]

Visiting Wagner’s Bayreuth – and TDO’s TRISTAN

by Suzanne Calvin

Be sure to catch the latest “Off the Cuff,” a regular feature from Dallas Opera General Director and CEO Keith Cerny, on the arts website, “Theater Jones.” In this installment, you get a Cerny-vision view of the festival theater constructed by Richard Wagner at Bayreuth — let’s face it, the Wagnerian equivalent of the Vatican […]