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On Being James Valenti

by Suzanne Calvin

Catching up with tenor James Valenti isn’t the problem — it’s keeping up with James Valenti that poses the real challenge. Read on in this feature from Terry Mathews, Arts Editor of the “Sulphur Springs News-Telegram.”  James has played the romantic leads in several TDO productions (if you consider the dastardly Duke in “Rigoletto” a […]

2B or Not 2B – Off the Cuff

by Suzanne Calvin

Here’s General Director and CEO Keith Cerny’s latest edition of “Off the Cuff” from “Theater Jones” in which he tackles the split between the subscribing and single-ticket-buying public and its historical roots, as well as the short-term and long-term impact of evolving buying habits on the performing arts. Read it all right here. Suzanne Calvin, Director […]


by Megan Meister

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Contact: Suzanne Calvin 214.443.1014 Or Megan Meister 214.443.1071 National Press Representation: Kirshbaum Demler & Associates: or 212-222-4843 THE DALLAS OPERA PRESENTS  OPERA ON A WORLD STAGE!  Death and the Powers: THE GLOBAL INTERACTIVE SIMULCAST                    ~~~~                            SUNDAY, […]

Mark Twain’s Wagnerian Adventures

by Suzanne Calvin

What did American literary icon Mark Twain and German music titan Richard Wagner have in common? If you said “Wavy hair,” you are correct! If you said anything else, you’re probably mistaken. Desite the lack of common ground, Twain’s deeply personal impressions of the Bayreuth experience form the basis for this month’s “Off the Cuff” […]

A “Sweet” Article by Our FIRST NIGHT Chair

by Suzanne Calvin

FIRST NIGHT/FIRST SIGHT Chair Lynn Mock lends a warm-yet-elegant air to the proceedings wherever she goes–whether in the real world or in cyberspace. She gives us her personal take on the newly developed FIRST SIGHT high fashion event, the inspiring Dallas Opera season, and the black-tie extravaganza that is FIRST NIGHT on Jeanne Prejean’s must-read […]

Is Everything Relative After All?

by Suzanne Calvin

An interesting conversation (or fight) starter from author Norman Lebrecht on his “Slpped Disc” blog. When directors create hated and despised new productions, does anybody else benefit from their “folly”? Lebrecht says “yes,” but I’ll let him tell you more of his theory on that.  Perhaps I should go back and check the conductor’s reviews from […]

Hurts to Even Talk About It

by Suzanne Calvin

Speaking as a PR-type, nothing is more certain to make my internal organs do somersaults than the possibility—remote as it is—of someone getting injured on our stage. Live theater is a grand and glorious and rather dangerous business. We do everything possible, of course, to anticipate trouble spots and prevent accidents, but they do happen, nevertheless, […]

Question of the Week

by Suzanne Calvin

Thanks for Shelly Garcia for spotting on the Dallas Public Library site — We’re Topic #1 for the “Question of the Week”! Check it out! Suzanne Calvin, Director of Media and Public Relations

Artistic Changes Announced

by Suzanne Calvin

Changes afoot as the Dallas Opera prepares for the upcoming season: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, August 5, 2013 Contact: Suzanne Calvin 214.443.1014 Or Megan Meister 214.443.1071 THE DALLAS OPERA ANNOUNCES CHRIS ALEXANDER RETURNING TO STAGE “CARMEN” ~~~~ TENOR WILLIAM FERGUSON TO MAKE DALLAS OPERA DEBUT IN THE ROLE OF “REMENDADO” ~~~~ 2013-2014 Season […]