Daily Archives: August 9, 2013

Hurts to Even Talk About It

by Suzanne Calvin

Speaking as a PR-type, nothing is more certain to make my internal organs do somersaults than the possibility—remote as it is—of someone getting injured on our stage. Live theater is a grand and glorious and rather dangerous business. We do everything possible, of course, to anticipate trouble spots and prevent accidents, but they do happen, nevertheless, […]

Top Ten Event! Plan Now!

by Suzanne Calvin

It’s the perfect combination of two overwhelming, all-consuming passions: Opera and High Fashion.  And it’s coming to a magnificent opera house near you.  Check out Rachael Abrams “Top Ten Fall Social Events” list on “CultureMap Dallas”…here…and then waste no time in picking up the phone and reserving your spot. Two Great Events — Both Come FIRST! Suzanne […]