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by Suzanne Calvin

“A quick filler,” to quote a movie character, to catch you up on the very latest reviews.

There’s this interesting personal rumination from author/critic/Renaissance Man William Madison from his blog.

And The Dallas Observer’s no-holds-barred headline that THE ASPERN PAPERS is “one of The Dallas Opera’s Best Productions in Recent Memory” topping the review by Katie Womack, who writes: “Graham’s solos are the highlight of the performance, with nuanced emotion and a powerful, rich tone.  The young Aspern, sung by Joseph Kaiser, is perhaps the most seductive character, which might explain how he managed to charm not one but two divas into his bed. His song of the two sirens is captivatingly beautiful.”

TURANDOT knocked everybody out at Cowboys Stadium and it’s wowing critics, late in the run, too.  Here’s a new review from Mark-Brian Sonna.  He writes, “The Dallas Opera’s production of TURANDOT exemplifies what is meant by the term grand opera. The costuming, the set, the lighting, the voices are all spectacular and there is no doubt that it is pleasing to the eyes and to the ears. Dallas Opera has every right to brag about this production. It is beautiful.”

What are you waiting for?   I know,  I know -- we did our taxes at the last minute, as well.  But you’re free now, right?

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media and PR

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