Cowboys Stadium Simulcast of Turandot

by tdoadmin


14,000 Attend Simulcast at Cowboys Stadium!

The Dallas Opera’s second Cowboys Stadium Simulcast, April 13, 2013, was a tremendous success!

The Dallas Opera is extremely thankful to everyone who helped make this event possible — in particular, we would like to thank The Dallas Foundation for their support.

Check out the great video and photos from the event below!

Lines form outside the entrance next to the ticket office.

Warner Brothers Classics’ What’s Opera, Doc?

The Cowboys Stadium audience rises to sing the national anthem as played by the TDO Orchestra.

Julia Child (Susan Nicely) in Lee Hoiby’s Bon Appetit!

The audience at Cowboys Stadium enjoying Bon Appetit!

Turandot (Lise Lindstrom)

Pang (Joseph Hu), Ping (Jonathan Beyer), Pong (Daniel Montenegro)

More photos on our Flickr feed!

Photos by Luke McKenzie, Dallas Opera

Turandot: Behind the Scenes

Watch a few of the clips that aired during the intermissions:


Timelapse of the stage at the Winspear Opera House changing sets from Turandot to The Aspern Papers and back again.

Watch >

WFAA-TV host Colleen Coyle interviews soprano Lise Lindstrom (Turandot).

Watch >

WFAA-TV host Ron Corning interviews soprano Hei-Kyung Hong (Liu) and Christian Van Horn (Timur).

Watch >



More videos at

We’re overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received. Check out these kind words we received via Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for the dramatic evening, @thedallsopera @TDFHereforGood and @cowboysstadium ! Spectacular!

Twitter LaurenDevoll

I am enthralled in my first opera experience via the simulcast! Watching opera on the “big screen” as the sun sets around the stadium was a great start!

Facebook Casondra Carline

Fantastic simulcast production at Cowboys Stadium. Congratulations to the Dallas Opera and the performers. It was just splendid! -- And thanks for making this a truly family friendly event! I would have never thought we could make it through Turandot with our 5 youngest kids (age 4-14). But at the Cowboys Stadium it worked great!

Facebook Thomas Bartke

Unofficial poll from the seats around me, Pang wins for best moves and facial expression.

Twitter Joanna Schmidt

Wow!!! What an experience, Turandot at Cowboys Stadium. Backstage action and all!! Kids love it!! Thank you Dallas Foundation!!!! and Dallas Opera!!

Twitter Milagros Lozano

I had never seen an opera before tonight. I was at the stadium enjoying Turandot on the big screen. … I was completely captivated from the beginning. The lighting, the set design (loved the massive dragon and the elements of the pearls everywhere), the elaborate costumes and makeup, not the mention the wonderful array of talent. Thank you for making my first operatic experience magical!

Twitter Meagan Avery Sellers

Great performance at Cowboy Stadium; get to see close-up details you miss in opera house.

Twitter stedmantx

Such a magnificent production of Turandot, @TheDallasOpera! Simply majestic and gorgeous.

Twitter lairdgirl

Brought my children for their first opera! They loved seeing the “pit” with all the instruments and have been glued to the show. Thank you!

Twitter Jacob Walker

@TheDallasOpera @CowboysStadium simulcast of Puccini’s Turandot, fantastic Act 1, Hei-Kyung Hong has an amazing voice, wow!

Twitter KimFoster

With regard to Turandot, I told my daugher that she should pick riddles so that she’ll want to marry whoever can solve them.

Twitter jpgoldberg2h


3 Responses to Cowboys Stadium Simulcast of Turandot

Sheila Coughlin says: April 20, 2013 at 1:27 am

I went last year with two friends and returned with ten last week. What a wonderful event. We had a tale gate dinner beforehand. Who ever does that before an opera???? I have season tickets but would not have missed last year or last week for anything. My only wish is that you pull this off again with CARMEN next season. That’s my favorite.
I also want to say that EVERY single person working that night did a great job of making us feel so welcomed. Bravo.

Graciela says: April 16, 2013 at 5:01 pm

Truly a magnificent show!! THANK you so much for the opportunity to enjoy some culture!!!

Guy Strong says: April 15, 2013 at 12:27 pm

Enjoyed everthing BUT “Julia Child (Susan Nicely) in Lee Hoiby’s Bon Appetit!” Nothing against Susan, she was just doing her job but it was just absolutely awfull. We had 4 people on our row get up and leave. Please don’t do something like this again. It gives the Dallas Opera and black eye. Huge Kudos on everything else!!!