AIDA – Still Making Waves

by Suzanne Calvin

…in all the right directions. Latonia Moore’s performance in the title role has been universally acclaimed as “one for the ages.” But the strength of the other key principal roles has been noticed as well, as in Arts Editor Terry Mathews assessment of Antonello Palombi’s Radames:

” From the moment he began Celeste Aïda, Palombi poured himself into the role of the conflicted warrior, at once loyal to his king and country, but totally committed in his love for the exotic Aïda.  Palombi’s aria carried such a depth of soulful sweetness that it almost erases the memories of performances by Luciano Pavarotti or Placido Domingo in the role. The final note cracked my heart wide open with its beauty.  I thought, well, it’s downhill from here.

“Man, was I wrong. ”

Wrong in the best sort of way, I’m sure. Read the entire review here.

(Photo by Karen Almond, Dallas Opera)

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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