Fashionista Heaven and Moore!

by Suzanne Calvin

More favorable reactions to the overall experience of FIRST NIGHT 2012. This, from Sherri Tilley at “The Flash List” who savored it all and wrote of soprano Latonia Moore: “Her solo ‘Return a conqueror’ in Act I had the audience mesmerized, absolutely captivated by her uniquely beautiful voice.¬† Like a praiseworthy evangelist, Latonia Moore will surely convert a new generation of opera lovers to the classic art form.”

Get¬†Sherri’s extensive report right here.

(Red Carpet photo of Aida’s Entourage: Alexandra Hicks, Rhonda Marcus, Jennifer Roberts, and Allie-Coosh owner/designer Paulette Martsolf by The Flash List)

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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