On a Quest for Super Heroes

by Suzanne Calvin

The Dallas Opera’s shout-out to gentlemen of a generally physically fit nature, aged 18 to 50, to work as paid non-singing extras (or “supernumeraries”) in our upcoming production of “AIDA” is piquing the interest of our local media. I must admit, it isn’t the usual press release that catches the eye of “My Sweet Charity”‘s Jeanne Prejean like this one did.

Other journalists now weighing-in on the topic of the Dallas Opera’s search for fit gentlemen to don Egyptian garb and portray soldiers, guards, fanbearers and the like in our upcoming production of “Aida” set in Ancient Egypt.  Included in that number are Elaine Liner at “The Observer” (Dallas) who writes, “If chosen, you’ll strut your hot stuff next to some of the biggest opera stars in the world.” Sarah Blaskovich at “Pegasus News” who cuts to the chase regarding “hot men” (However, those pictured in her article didn’t exactly send a Chris Matthews-like thrill up my leg); and we even got a nod from Art&Seek’s Stephen Becker right here.  “Eye candy” indeed, but in the cause of great art.  Yeah, that’s right ladies--we’ll make any sacrifice for great art, won’t we?  (See photo for details)

(Image courtesy of crunchyroll.com)

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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