Girl’s Night at the Met

by Suzanne Calvin

Those rambunctious Valkyries take center stage tonight on “Great Performances” (8:00 pm on KERA, Channel 13) but I, for one, will have my eye on tenor Jonas Kaufmann as Siegmund. Here’s a taste of what we can expect before the evening is done.

The controversial machine that dominates the Robert Lepage production is…mmm…interesting. Some of the same plank sort of elements that marked our set for the world premiere of “Moby-Dick” in 2010 and quite useful as a surface for projections; I just don’t recall our cast doing nearly as much scooting and sliding on their rear ends. Off and on throughout the performance (which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way), I found myself studying the artists bums and footwear to determine whether their costumes had been designed for maximum slickness on the planks or for better braking and traction, i.e. gluteus maximus grippage. 

Now that’s a gesamtkuntswerk.

(Photo by Ken Howard for the Metropolitan Opera)

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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