The Bare (or is it Awful?) Truth

by Suzanne Calvin

Did they look something like…this?


Must’ve been a good harvest that year; yes indeed--a very good harvest. “The Dallas Morning News” Classical Music Critic Scott Cantrell, while pondering a few questions I tossed out to some of our more imaginative arts writers and reviewers, revived one of his most indelible (in fact, indigestible) opera memories -- the sight of an unforgettable men’s chorus in “Aida” that was…well, shall we say “full-bodied”?  I’ll let Scott tell the tale.

“Aida” opens the season on October 26th (the Linda and Mitch Hart Season Opening Night Performance) and subscriptions are on sale now.  Loincloths optional and certainly not encouraged.  Thank Heavens!

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media and PR

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