by Suzanne Calvin


From my very personal standpoint, it’s emphasis on the first and third syllables. But for many, many, many people reading this -- I am flat out 100% wrong and an ignoramus to boot! 

That’s one of the more charming aspects of any production of Giacomo Puccini’s “Turandot.”  Nobody argues about how you pronounce HIS name, it’s how you say the name of the Persian/Chinese/Italian princess that puts various and sundry knickers in a twist. But admit it: isn’t that the sign of true aficionados? That people would care so madly/passionately about how a fictitious character’s name is pronounced?

You’d think this opera was set at Hogwarts instead of the Imperial City.

Anyway, here’s KERA’s attempt to sort it all out for you.  Seattle Opera tackles the topic right here.

Now, just to avoid further confusion over REALLY important stuff: our production of this 20th century classic won’t take place until next spring (April 5-21,2013) in the Winspear Opera House. But lots of great preview movie screenings, tastings and budget-minded summer events are on tap through August. Check out the Dallas Opera’s cool, casual “Baritones and Beachballs” listings here.

(Photo by njmike731 at Photobucket)

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media and PR

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