Daily Archives: July 20, 2012


by Suzanne Calvin

  From my very personal standpoint, it’s emphasis on the first and third syllables. But for many, many, many people reading this – I am flat out 100% wrong and an ignoramus to boot!  That’s one of the more charming aspects of any production of Giacomo Puccini’s “Turandot.”  Nobody argues about how you pronounce HIS name, it’s how […]

One That Got Away

by Suzanne Calvin

My lame excuse is, I was out on vacation that week and responding to emails the next. Here’s a story I shouldn’t have missed from the ever enthusiastic opera observer, Crewmantle at COMMANDOpera, on our generous gift from the Texas Instruments Foundation. Thank you, Crew! One question, though: Can you hail a cab in that head-gear? Successfully, I […]

Artistic Director Jonathan Pell at the Arena di Verona

by christian.anderson

The crowd arriving for the performance at the Arena di Verona. Every opera lover should attend a performance of AIDA once in their lifetime at the Arena di Verona. The sheer spectacle is something out of an old Cecil B. DeMille epic, and if it wasn’t a cast of thousands then it was at least […]