Jonathan Pell Artistic Director – Berlin II

by tdoadmin

Today I heard auditions from another 36 singers, representing 9 more nationalities, bringing the grand total to singers from 30 different countries in just two days.

The singers today were from some of the same countries I mentioned yesterday, but also included people from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cuba, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland.

No one can say that opera isn’t an international art form!

There were some very good singers today, but one in particular stood out for me because she is a former member of the Dallas Opera chorus, soprano Katie Bolding.  She made her solo debut with TDO in the spring of 2011 as the Countess Ceprano in RIGOLETTO, and has now moved to Europe to pursue a solo career.  Several artist managers seem to have taken an interest in her as a result of this audition today, and perhaps some of the representatives from other opera houses have, too.   I certainly hope that things will “take off” for her here in Europe.

Tomorrow I will hear another group of singers, and who knows what surprises are in store?

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