Keeping “Dallas” in Dallas

by Suzanne Calvin


Although it doesn’t make sense for the new TNT “Dallas” to shoot anywhere but, we live in a strange age in which such decisions are based not on logic, but on the highest bidder. And, evidently, there are other cities just itching to stand in for Big D. For this reason, and more, on the day when the eagerly awaited reboot of the iconic “saddle soap opera” hits the screen, the Dallas City Council will also decide how much more it wants to pony up to try to keep the show shooting right here.  Ah, no sooner do I finish this sentence than the verdict is in: $1.2 million, according to “D Magazine,” provided the show is picked up after the pilot. 

What?  You didn’t think the Ewing clan would drive a hard bargain?  Guess again.

Oh, if you happen to be looking for a viewing party this evening, try the FrontRow’s soiree at the infamous Texas Theater in Oak Cliff where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit.  Read more here.

And here’s some good background on the negotiations and various production perks from Robert Wilonsky at “The Dallas Morning News.”

I hope the show’s a big hit tonight and a worthy successor to the original.  We hear Hagman is positively Shakespearean in his villainy.  Whoo-hoooo!

(Photo courtesy of TNT)

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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