Playing Catch Up – TDO Reviews

by Suzanne Calvin

Yes, it’s been a busy week in these parts -- and liable to become busier still with this weekend’s opera party for approximately 32,000 of our friends. That’s my excuse, anyway, for just now posting the latest reviews of the two blockbuster productions being presented by the Dallas Opera.

Of THE MAGIC FLUTE, which opened last Friday, D magazine’s Wayne Lee Gay wrote, “…the greatest laurels of the day belong to soprano Ava Pine. The native Texan and graduate of TCU delivered an unfailingly dramatic rendition and consistently gorgeous vocal performance.” Read more of the Front Row review here.

Marilee Vergati at “” called the production “a wild romp filled with luscious voices, a stunning orchestra, and enchanting scenery.”  Read Ms. Vergati’s review here.

At “Theater Jones,” critic John Norine, Jr. turned to baseball for the appropriate analogy for this time of year: “The Dallas Opera takes both the comedy and the absurdity to the absolute limit and knocks it out of the park.”  But he added that it was the music that added the brightest touch.  “The role of the hero, Tamino is sung by Shawn Mathey, who carries the lion’s share of the work throughout the opera. Mathey’s tone is rich and full-bodied and he navigates the minefield that is Mozart’s score without breaking a sweat.”  Read more here

Classical Music Critic Scott Cantrell of “The Dallas Morning News” particularly praised the fabulous ensemble singing: “I’ve rarely heard the three ladies — here the excellent Caitlin Lynch, Lauren McNeese and Maya Lahyani — sing with such precision of intonation and expression. Music director Graeme Jenkins has the orchestra playing Mozart stylishly and responsively.”  Read Scott’s review right here.

At Boston-based “Edge,” critic Sarah Sumler gave the conductor and orchestra high marks: “Music Director Graeme Jenkins conducted the orchestra effortlessly throughout the three hour performance. The Winspear Opera House is an undeniably beautiful venue, and the carefully designed acoustics produces a warm and rich sound that is sonorous, but never overbearing. At times it is so pure and clean that you almost forget that you are listening to live instruments.”  Read Ms. Sumler’s review here.

Dean Cassella, reviewing for “DFW Renaissance,” summed it up nicely: “Overall, you cannot do wrong in going to see this production. The music is delightful, the performers are top-notch, and the stage production is exquisite. You will walk out of the theater with a smile on your face!”  Read more of Dean’s review right here.

(Queen of the Night photo by Dallas Opera production photographer Karen Almond)

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media and PR


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