Don’t Come Hungry – Unless it’s for Magnificent Music and Theater

by Suzanne Calvin

Fabulous interview conducted by William V. Madison (Bill, it’s been too long) with our incomparable Isolde, Jeanne-Michele Charbonnet. Devour every word right here and heed her advice about not coming hungry. The new Christian Rath production of “Tristan & Isolde” opens Thursday night at 7:00 PM (note the earlier than usual curtain time) and remains your best shot for the best seats. Sunday is, for all practical purposes, sold-out. And remember that there are just four performances.

I sat in on last night’s dress rehearsal. Found Act One captivating, Act Two stunning…and I’m not even ready to talk about Act Three.  Read the Billvesees Interview with Jeanne-Michele (complete with the proper accents) right here.

However, I am going to want to talk to Mr. Madison about the fact that Houston and Fort Worth are on his list of “Great American Opera Companies” (which is just fine)…because it seems to me he missed one in the Lone Star State.

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director, Media & PR

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