From the Desk of Artistic Director Jonathan Pell

by tdoadmin

I was delighted to open up this morning’s Dallas Morning News to read a column by Michael Granberry  announcing that one of this year’s winners of the Meadows Prize (and who will be in residence for four weeks at SMU in the fall of 2012) is Irish choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan.

Mr. Keegan-Dolan has been acclaimed as “the most unique choreographic voice to have emerged from Ireland in the last half century” and for those of you who were fortunate enough to have attended a Dallas Opera performance of Massenet’s Manon in 2001, you will have already enjoyed Michael’s work.

That production of Manon was his American debut as a choreographer, and I am thrilled that he has been honored in this way.  It will be wonderful to have him back in Dallas to help create a new work at SMU as part of his residency.

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