The Kimbell: Year One

by Suzanne Calvin

The fact is, we are incredibly lucky, here in North Texas, to have proximity and access to an amazing number of extraordinary art museums and collections. This ain’t booster talk; when you stop to think of the DMA, the Meadows Museum, the Crow Collection, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Amon Carter Museum, the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art and, of course, the Kimbell Museum (to name only the most prominent), it’s clear that the arts–whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional–have a special place in our public life, as an enlightening, challenging, unifying force.

But lest I linger on my soapbox, I’ll get to the point: KERA is airing a program this evening at 7:30 PM entitled, “The Kimbell: Year One,” about the initial year of operations at Fort Worth’s Kimbell Museum, an internationally acclaimed architectural gem designed by Louis I. Kahn.  It includes rare interviews with Kahn himself, the museum’s first director, Richard F. Brown, and other key figures.  Best of all, it’s a 1974 documentary.  That’s right…as any collector of news print knows…there’s nothing like contemporaneous journalism to give you the occasional jolt, as well as unexpected insights.

So check it out tonight on KERA, Channel 13, and then support one of our great local museums tomorrow.

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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