Am I Blue?

by Suzanne Calvin

That’s it. Done. Emotionally drained, as limp as a wet dish-rag, finito, kaput. It was one of the greatest performances I have ever personally witnessed.  Rest assured, I will never forget the Final Act as Dirk, Chandler, Kidd, Barea and Terry combined their considerable talents to put one last insurmountable run on the scoreboard.  105, a double-digit lead over their opponents…or….in the vernacular of the opera house: “Take that!”

Agonizing.  Exhilarating.  Pulse-pounding.  The sorts of adjectives those of us involved in opera know so very well.  And when Dirk swiftly exited the court, holding back tears, with a second left on the clock, it was an operatic moment par excellence -- not because it was over-the-top but because it was honest, true, and indelible without saying a word.

Congratulations to Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks and everyone involved in this tremendous championship series.  However, oddsmakers are already favoring the Heat, 5 to 2, to walk away with the NBA Championship in 2012.  The Dallas team isn’t rated second; not even third!  Try fifth, behind the Lakers, Bulls, i.e. the usual suspects.

Am I blue?  You betcha.  Mavericks blue, through and through.  And I suspect Rick Carlisle and the Mavs are just fine with being underestimated…again…next season.

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media and PR (and mother of former Dallas Mavericks employee Paul Calvin)

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