Dallas Opera Guild Vocal Competition Today

by Suzanne Calvin

I can hear some glorious young voices wafting up the elevator shaft in the Winspear Opera House to our offices on the fifth floor. Meaning, I need to hurry up and get things done so I can matriculate downstairs for a taste of the best of up-and-coming-young-Texas-opera-singers.

However, you needn’t wait! The free, semifinals round of the Dallas Opera Guild Vocal Competition -- our first ever in the Winspear Opera House -- is underway until around 4 this afternoon. And the finalists will be back tonight at 7:30 PM for their chance to win big cash prizes.

Did I mention that attendees get to participate in our audience prize, the annual “People’s Choice Award”?

Come make a day of it and support the next generation of great opera artists!

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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