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Where They Blow: After the White Whale

by christian.anderson

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago? We certainly do! On April 30, 2010, the Dallas Opera premiered Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer’s revolutionary MOBY-DICK on the magnificent stage of the Winspear Opera House at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. The critically acclaimed drama was “a whale of a hit” according to […]

Looking from the Outside In

by Suzanne Calvin

It’s always interesting and educational to read what visiting national and international critics have to say about the company, Dallas and the general performing arts scene here. But particularly so when the writer is Pierre Ruhe (formerly of the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution”) who has one of the keenest eyes in this business. Here’s Pierre’s take on […]

The Gala

by Suzanne Calvin

I looked and looked and couldn’t find myself anywhere. Ah, well! If you’re like me and you’d like to know how the recent Dallas Opera Gala: UNVEIL looked to the partygoers who attended that night, turn off the pre-wedding coverage for Wills and Kate and check out this slideshow from PaperCity.  Or, this slideshow from […]

Small Fry, Big Talent

by Suzanne Calvin

(Photo by Benjamin Hager for “Some families have kids who play soccer; we have opera kids.”  That sums up this terrific inside look at the lives of our littlest singers in the current edition of the “Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate.”  Get the story from Christina Hughes Babb and you’ll come away with a deeper appreciation […]

Callas Nominations Announced

by Suzanne Calvin

Oh, you lucky renewing subscribers! Those of you who have already renewed for the “Tragic Obsessions” Season (2011-2012) of the Dallas Opera have the extraordinary opportunity – and responsibility, to be frank – to sift through a season of outstanding debut performances and determine which one made the strongest impression on you. In other words, […]

Still Coming

by Suzanne Calvin

The reviews of our most recent productions of “Rigoletto” and “Boris Godunov,” that is. One of the last local reviews of “Rigoletto” came courtesy of Gregory Sullivan Isaacs of “Theater Jones” who was convinced he could attend opening night two days after a compound fracture and surgery. Evidently his friends and colleagues convinced him that this […]

A Note-Worthy Salute

by Suzanne Calvin

All the drama of the playoffs, with our own Dallas Mavericks facing-off against the Portland Trailblazers in Game One, launched with the national anthem sung by the Dallas Opera’s phenomenal guest artist, tenor Keith Jameson, who just completed our critically acclaimed production of “Boris Godunov” at Sunday’s matinee.   This is how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen!  […]

Our Younger Supporting Artists

by Suzanne Calvin

A heart-warming look at two young brothers performing in “Boris Godunov” in Nancy Churnin’s KidBeat Column for “The Dallas Morning News.” You may need to register to read the main article, so start here at the “Morning News” blog to find out whether this topic catches your interest. And FYI, the topic is kids performing in opera–and […]

Dallas: Arts Center On The Rise

by Suzanne Calvin

Tell me: does it get any better than this? From Theodore Bale’s Arts Journal Blog, “Texas, a Concept: Art, Music, and Dance in the Lone Star State” about his recent weekend at the Dallas Opera. Suzanne Calvin, Manager Director Media & PR