by Suzanne Calvin

I try to be understanding about these things, to put myself in the other person’s place; to be patient, kind, compassionate, and sympathetic to the plight of modern theater and opera goers -- being one myself. But you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Who was that woman in the first row of the Winspear Opera House orchestra section who -- in the middle of Laura Claycomb’s poignant, floating, delicate, giddy, sublime rendition of “Caro nome” decided she needed to make like a tree and leave?

Now, I would cut this person some slack if they appeared to be doubling over in agony, seriously disoriented as they stood up in the front row, or staring in horror at their cellphone screen, having just received a text straight from Hell. However, I detected none of these things in our departing patron, therefore, I shall offer two words of unsolicited advice for any such occasions in the future: “Crowd Scenes.”

Madame, if you must get up before the end of the act, look for that big round of applause, the busy crowd scene, something other than the solo highlight of a singer’s Dallas Opera debut.

Please, for all our sakes -- and yours, too. You don’t know what you missed.

Suzanne Calvin, Media & PR Manager

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