By Any Other Name

by tdoadmin

Sorry, my head is totally focused on our upcoming production of “Romeo and Juliet” opening this Friday at the Winspear Opera House. The actual question raised by this Anthony Tommasini piece in “The New York Times” is: Will the term “wallcast” really catch on?  Tony thinks so, but by that same logic a broadcast would be visuals projected onto a…well…you know…a “broad,” right?  Prompting me to ask, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

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Levato says: July 26, 2014 at 9:39 am

I’m one of those people who will prttey much get through a book, even if I’m not really enjoying it (or really disliking it!) and despite the fact that my TBR queue is epic! And I even take it a step further: with very few exceptions, if the book is part of a series, I’ll read the whole damn series at least what’s published so far. I seem to have a compulsion to know what’s going to happen next, even if I’m not really enjoying it, haha. I think it really helps that I’m a very fast reader, so I can satisfy my need for completeness whilst minimising the pain .My last experiences with finishing a book I wasn’t enjoying: Julie Garwood’s SWEET TALK [random side rant: what the hell happened to her writing?? did she have a writing lobotomy, or is someone ghostwriting her books??], and E.L. James’s FIFTY SHADES trilogy, which I read upon request by a friend who wanted someone to discuss it with. That was like a train wreck: I kept asking myself why I was bothering with the ~1000 pages of that drivel even as I kept turning the pages all the way to the end in one binge so I could get through it and let my brain cells recover with a nice thriller .The one book/series that has managed to best my determination to finish any book I pick up: Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT. I was maybe 10-20 pages from the end of book #1 before I decided I really couldn’t take it any more!

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