Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Married with Class

by Suzanne Calvin

If, after the relaxed yet romantic “Patron Appreciation Recital” given by tenor Stephen Costello and soprano Ailyn Perez on Monday,  November 8th, you can’t get enough of their chemistry — check out not one, not two, but three extensive pieces by local journalist Marilee Vergati that explore multiple aspects of their wedded life, their red-hot careers and their […]

Resident Artist – “The Show Must Go On”

by Aaron Blake

I am currently flying on an American Airlines Jet somewhere between New York’s La Guardia Airport and DFW.  All I can say is:  ‘how cool is it that we are able to send and receive emails, surf the net, log on to our netflix accounts and write blog entries all from 30,000 plus feet above […]