Nothing Whatsoever Against the Rangers

by Suzanne Calvin

…In fact, we’re thrilled that after all these years the home team is headed to the World Series! However, there were other thrills here in the Metroplex last Friday night, as the Dallas Opera presented its very first free public simulcast, coinciding with opening night of the season.  Here’s the lowdown from George Abbott of “Theater Jones” who I’m guessing owns an HDTV. Read on and you’ll see why I’m making such a presumption.

We’d love to hear from others who were there!

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

One Response to Nothing Whatsoever Against the Rangers

Jeana Smith says: October 24, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Opening night simulcast was awesome. It was just not another free outside ordeal. We felt like we were a real part of the opera audience. The outside staff were helpful and wonderful. The food and wine made the experience that much better. Not to mention, feet in the grass, stars overhead (just a few raindrops), and the beautiful Dallas skyline all added to the ambience. The cherry on the cake after the wonderful opera was the final curtain call outside. We had front row seats to see the performers. I would venture to guess that more than a few of the audience who strolled by to see what was going on were wishing they were outside instead!