Blythe Spirit

by Suzanne Calvin

I’ve been saying forever that we should turn the television series “Dallas” into an opera, for obvious reasons. Now, some enterprising opera lovers in Arkansas are working to create their own version of same.

It’s a new work in progress entitled, “Billy Blythe” and it traces the operatic life and political career of former Arkansas native and U.S. President Bill Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III).

I’m going to refrain from any wise-cracks about “casting couches.”  Although, in a manner of speaking, I just did.  One of the comments is calling for a double opera bill of “Billy Blythe” and “Billy Budd” which might be a bit too much tragedy for a single evening.

Thanks to TDO Principal Singer and Chorus Member Kyle Hancock for the link and to “The Telegraph” (UK) for the image.

Suzanne Calvin, Mgr./Dir. Media & PR

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