Falling Through the Slatkins

by Suzanne Calvin

I remember a few years back, being shocked to see a top prize winner walk onstage with a score to a very simple piece by Mozart -- and proceed to use it throughout his piano recital. Evidently, something of the same feeling of uneasiness settled over the Met the other night, when it became clear (to some, at least) that conductor Leonard Slatkin, making a long awaited return to the Metropolitan Opera, did so with the intention of learning “La traviata.”

Learning it? Here’s Tony Tommasini’s review.

Actually, I need to point out the best part of the review for those of us who remember James Valenti’s superb and sexy Rodolfo in “La boheme” a season back…is this:

“The young American tenor James Valenti had a solid success in his Met debut as Alfredo. He is tall (over 6 feet 5 inches), handsome and physically agile: qualities reflected in his virile and attractive singing. His voice is not huge, but it carries well. He won a rousing ovation.”

Huzzah! Nice to know we spotted him first, eh?

Suzanne Calvin, Manager/Director Media & PR

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