Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

On the Other Hand…

by Suzanne Calvin

Not everybody can remain youthful and nubile…full of nubilosity and nubility… Anyway… Many great, great singers are “women of a certain age” and that has stirred a hornet’s nest in Rome where 52-year-old Italian soprano Daniela Dessi walked off a production of “La traviata” after noted stage director (and Dallas Opera alum) Franco Zeffirelli supposedly […]

No “Park and Bark” Allowed

by Suzanne Calvin

It’s an altogether different era in opera: Buff bodies, sprinting singers, fine actors and actresses adorning the world’s greatest stages and bringing opera to life as never before.  Two of the best of the current crop have acquired a real fan base here in Dallas: sopranos Susanna Phillips (our long-suffering Countess Almaviva in “The Marriage […]