The Total Package

by Suzanne Calvin

A fun piece from Pegasus News’ Teresa Gubbins on her experience at Friday night’s opening performance.

Additionally, there was this comment on the “Sulphur Springs News-Telegram” about being at the right place at the right time…just about all night long:

“Laura Bush was there last night … I walked into the building with Roger Staubach — I have photographic evidence — I rode in the elevator with Mrs. Winspear (her husband gave the initial $42 million to get the project started), I saw the Sultan of Brunei -- or his first born male child because no one else on the planet has the kind of money to fund the diamonds he was wearing last night … and his date had on an honest-to-GAWD diamond tiara — I sat one row back and about 10 seats down from the incarnation of Marilyn Monroe (no photographs, though -- it woulda been too gauche … and I walked back to the parking garage with Gary Cogill (I have photographic evidence of that) …

Oh, yeah … and the opera was AMAZING …. there are no words. Everyone just needs to take their ears to Dallas and let the fabulous sound and experience wash over them. ”

Now, is that a great testimonial, or what?

Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, The Dallas Opera

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