Keeping up with the(ater) Jones’s

by Suzanne Calvin

The new performing arts site, “Theater Jones” (Yes, a tribute to the late, great Margo Jones) is carrying Wayne Gay’s review of “Otello” (Yes, that Wayne Gay, formerly of the Star-Telegram) in which he raves about the new Winspear Opera House and the performers, while managing a shout-out to those who prefer to experience performances at home:

“Leading singers will want to sing here, and audiences, able to hear and experience vocal brilliance up close, will want to be there to experience opera in a way that the best electronic audio or audio-visual system in the world will never be able to duplicate.”

Now that we’ve built it, and built it brilliantly…will they come?

Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, Dallas Opera

P.S. While you’re online, check out the entries on Paul Baker (May he rest in peace) and share your personal memories with other performing arts and theater lovers.

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