Can we give till it hurts, when it hurts already?

by Suzanne Calvin

Courtesy of Time Inc.

(Courtesy of Time, Inc.)

One of the most notable and laudable characteristics Americans bring to the global table is our unusual willingness to give to charity.  Americans of all income levels give more to various charitable and non-profit organizations than their counterparts overseas but, when times get tough, we can’t all be as generous as we would like.

Here’s a new report on charitable giving in 2008 that indicates while such giving was only down overall by about 2 percent, the arts and culture took a hit closer to 6-and-a-half-percent!  We know there are lots of worthy causes out there and more people in need than ever.  However, we’d appreciate it greatly if you remembered the arts and music and the contributions they make to the quality of your life and our culture.

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Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, The Dallas Opera

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