How Old is Too…Buff?

by Suzanne Calvin

Take a good look at this guy.  Know him?  He swims every day, pumps iron at the gym four times a week and plays a round of 18 holes on the weekend.  And now, he’s bucking to become the oldest Otello on record at the age of 77.

Photo Courtesy of The Times

He’s a Wagner/Verdi specialist who hasn’t sung a starring role in over 25 years; however, New Zealand-born Jon Andrew has kept in tip-top shape, vocally and otherwise, and has agreed to tackle the role for a small opera company performing in Bournemouth this June.  Should he make it through the night, it’ll be one for the record books: Andrew will become the oldest Otello ever to successfully tackle the part.

Our guess is this guy’s up to the demands: He’s known--not only for his muscular singing--but for accidentally breaking the thumb of a co-star during a staged fight scene in “Carmen.”

Thumb-breaking opera singers…Hmmm…I’d applaud with BOTH hands, if I were you.

Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, The Dallas Opera

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