Another Reason to Put Off Mowing

by Suzanne Calvin

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Gooch Auditorium and it’s the site of the 21st annual Dallas Opera Guild Vocal Competition (for singers aged 18 to 30), this coming Saturday, April 4th.  This is a two-part event, so, if you just really HAVE to get to Home Depot for some Bermuda Grass seed or Canadian peat moss, you’ll have plenty of time between the semifinal and final rounds.

Here’s more from Art & Seek’s Olin Chism.

Did I mention the whole shebang is free?  Including the pastries and champagne?  Not that you’re a cheap date or anything.  You even get to weigh-in on your favorite singers via the “People’s Choice Award.”

Texas singers for Texas audiences.  Be there.

— Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, The Dallas Opera

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