Red on Red

by Suzanne Calvin

What is it about Foster and Partners and the winning color “red?”

The BBC is reporting that the firm came in a co-winner of the “New Bus for London” competition to update the hallowed red double-deckers that we immediately identify with the town on the Thames.

As the photo indicates, this isn’t a massive re-tooling of the concept.  It does, among other things, address handicapped access--one of the major problems with the old design.

With all the concern about parking, in and around the new Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, wouldn’t it be grand for pedestrians (or, would-be pedestrians) to have a couple of Foster and Partners-designed double-deckers making the circuit from the Center to the DART rail station and other venues within the Arts District?

Just a thought.

Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Mktg., The Dallas Opera

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