Daily Archives: February 19, 2009

Theater Jones

by Suzanne Calvin

Stumbled onto a fascinating new site for North Texas Performing Arts lovers, courtesy of former Star-Telegram writer/editor Mark Lowry.  It’s Theater Jones (theaterjones.com), named after the woman who brought serious theater out of the burroughs and into the hinterlands, the legendary Margo Jones. Although the orientation is primarily local theater, as we like to say: […]

“Boheme” review from Pegasus News

by Suzanne Calvin

A review you might have missed, on The Dallas Opera’s “La boheme” with one more performance Saturday, February 21st.  Mark-Brian Sonna dishes. For that matter, another very interesting review from ConcertoNet’s Paul Wooley, giving us the Classical Music Network’s take on our latest production. If you haven’t already purchased your ticket; you really mustn’t let […]

Red on Red

by Suzanne Calvin

What is it about Foster and Partners and the winning color “red?” The BBC is reporting that the firm came in a co-winner of the “New Bus for London” competition to update the hallowed red double-deckers that we immediately identify with the town on the Thames. As the photo indicates, this isn’t a massive re-tooling […]