D’s Musings about George and The Dallas Opera

by Suzanne Calvin

Be sure to check out Peter Simek’s piece in D magazine on General Director George Steel and the future trajectory of The Dallas Opera.

(Photo by Sean McCormick for D)

Although a fair amount of the article deals with Simek’s experiences in the opera house--both here and abroad--as well as George Steel’s gradual conversion from skeptic to opera fanatic, it also gives us some strong indications of the new general director’s vision for the company: an expanded and more experimental season, increased emphasis on original productions, broader based educational programming and more.

What’s it all mean?

That Steel is serious about making The Dallas Opera a centerpiece of the community’s cultural conversation and the most intellectually stimulating, emotionally captivating, and talked about art form in town.

Let the comments begin…

Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, The Dallas Opera

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